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Our clients

Our clients are diverse: from High-tech, Fintech, infrastructure including water and energy utilities, municipalities, pharmaceuticals. We also help NGO and educational providers. 

Some examples 

Some examples of our work really help to better understand what our values are all about

Models & AI

Our Fintech client needed to create an explainable AI model to promote their IP and make better credit and underwriting decision. By integrating multiple APIs and a decision model we were able not only to help improve the processes and LGD estimations, but also to solidify their IP. In introduction ESG and climate change considerations, the models met new regulatory requirements. 

Risk Analysis

Our client, an NGO contracted us to write an in-depth risk analysis about an international project that raised significant environmental concerns. The analysis integrated technological and engineering concerns, safety issues, geopolitical aspects, financial aspects. We were able to calculate an accumulated probability and impact, through benchmarking different projects and regulations. 

Risk management services

Our client won a tender for managing the establishment of a new international airport. Part of the tender required a project manager's service. We often provide these services including workshops and tools. 

Process improvement and tools

We help companies with their Risk Management challenges, big or small. Some of our larger projects include helping a client set-up their processes and tools for risk management. More often than not, we help tweak the processes and tools that our clients are already using, so they can get the maximum result. 

Lectures and workshops

We love lectures and workshops! Our most popular workshops are: risk identification - beyond brainstorming, geo-political risk management, energy & ESG risks and may more. One of our personal favorites is our latest workshop about personal risk management. 

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