Atrisks : Innovative Risk Management and EVM consulting 

Project Value at Risk (PVaR) is a new indicator, that helps communicate the answers to two old questions: When will the project end? How much will it cost?

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New result driven approach: Make the most out of the data you already have - "squeezing lemons to make lemonade"  

Now on AmazonBook by Nicki Kons: PVaR™ - Project Value at Risk

Inspired by the VaR (Value at Risk) financial indicator. A new way to connect risks to business outcomes. 


  • Innovative risk mng. approaches
  • Improving risk identification success rate
  • Proprietary gap and maturity analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis
  • Training  and  workshops
  • Advanced risk identification techniques
  • EVM  expertise
  • Supporting tools