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The ATRISKS difference - we focus on results

Not your ordinary risk management consultancy. Our story is about understanding and embracing change as it unfolds. We welcome the threats and opportunities as a growth engine. We help you navigate uncertainty for what matters to you and your business. We use AI and data to improve your business results. Our innovative Risk Management workshops help you focus your efforts and resources where it matters the most. 

AI and data

Pre-AI data preparation, model building, full support from requirements to a full model. 

Modern Work Space

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Out More

Where can I find more information about PVaR and supporting tools?

Lots of information: 

Book, paper, video, RiskyProject tool, webinar.

Any interesting reads and research you can point me to?

How can I view past webinars and events?

Most webinars could be viewed on the PMI community platform: 
Squeezing the lemon to make lemonade: make the most out of your data, PVaR, Risk identification techniques, Serious games in risk and project management

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